Internet Media

The invention of the Internet allowed breaking news to reach the globe within minutes. This rapid development of instant, decentralized communication is often seen as having the potential to change the mass media and its relationship with society.

  • Social networking media include FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTubeTumblrLinkedInSnapchatPinterest, etc. In fact, everyone has a social account. While we can find any news there, they can be misleading given the lack of regulations on the shared content.
  • Online forums such as QuoraReddit, are online websites where the community can comment on, text, or discuss a particular topic. Forums allow us to share knowledge with others who have similar interests. That is why it is considered the best platform for seeking support and help.
  • Podcasts – a series of sounds focused on a particular topic or theme. We can listen to them on computers or cell phones. This is a platform that allows people to share their knowledge and communicate with the world.
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